History of Kino Catechetical Institute

The Kino Catechetical Institute was established in 1972 and is named after Padre Eusebio Kino, S.J. (1645-1711), an Italian Jesuit who pioneered missions for Spain in Sonora and Arizona.  His custom of carrying an astrolabe (an instrument invented by the Greeks to determine geographic location and to chart a course by measuring the altitude of the sun and stars from a fixed point on the horizon) as he explored and evangelized the Southwest also symbolizes our mission for Prepare the Way, thus this became the logo for the Institute.

Kino Catechetical Institute provides catechetical formation and deepens the human, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral formation for service.

It lays a foundation for Catholics who wish to deepen their understanding of Christ’s Church.


Mrs. MaryBeth Mueller, Executive Director
Division of Education and Evangelization

Mr. Steve Greene
Director of Kino Catechetical Institute

Sr. Darcy Peletich, OSF

Mrs. Luz Lobato
Registrar/Office Coordinator

Mrs. Naddy Luna
Bilingual Administrative Assistant